Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Procedures

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A perfect smile is crucial in making good first impressions. This is especially true because your smile is the first thing someone will notice about you. The appearance of your teeth plays a great role in how you smile. Many people with stained or discoloured teeth smile less often. This is not a permanent problem, however, as professional teeth whitening experts can help to bring back your perfect smile and self-confidence.

6 December 2019

Dental Abscess Emergency Care: What To Expect From The Emergency Dentist

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Severe pain that radiates through your jawbone, and all the way to your neck and ears. Swelling in the cheeks. Fever. Difficulty breathing and swelling. These are among some of the symptoms you cannot ignore if you have an abscessed tooth. Should you notice any of these symptoms, waste no time in seeing an emergency dentist. While each case is different, your doctor will begin with draining out the abscess. This process is beneficial for preventing infections and serves to help with the healing process.

6 November 2019

Metal Braces Are Better for Complex Dental Conditions

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Depending on what you need, different teeth-straightening methods can suit your particular dental need. In particular, people prefer either metals braces or invisible aligners. However, it is essential to note that complex dental conditions are a common occurrence. Therefore, more people are seeking braces for the correction of dental abnormalities than for aesthetic reasons. Still, besides correcting the complexities in teeth alignment and other dental conditions, metal braces also offer an aesthetic value, making them more preferable.

30 September 2019

When Your Teeth Lose Their Height, It's Time to Reclaim Your Bite

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Shrinking in height as you get older isn't a myth, and in fact, people can lose anything from half a centimetre to one centimetre of height per decade after the age of 40, and this process actually speeds up after the age of 70. While you might lose height, surely there are some parts of your body that are immune to shrinking. What about your teeth? It's actually possible for your teeth to reduce in height, although this isn't necessarily a result of aging.

15 July 2019

Broken Teeth: Three Essential Tips for Using Dental Veneers for Repair

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Dental breakage and chipping can occur due unexpected impact or high pressure. For instance, your front teeth will be damaged if a projectile lands around the mouth or if you collide with a hard object. In addition, chipping could occur due to poor habits like biting on hard candy or chewing ice and other hard objects. When this type of incident occurs, you will not only need to think about functional repair — you will also have to plan for cosmetic repair.

31 May 2019

What Kind of Retainers Will You Wear After Braces?

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You may think that your orthodontic time is done once your braces come off; however, this isn't the end of your treatment as a whole. Your teeth are straight now, but they won't necessarily stay straight. Once braces come off, teeth tend to drift back into their original positions. They'll do this until they get used to being in their new positions in your jaw. So, your orthodontist usually asks you to wear a retainer to hold your teeth in place until things stabilise.

29 January 2019