Everything You Need To Know About Tooth Decay And How To Prevent It

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Are you concerned about dental cavities and want to know what causes tooth decay and how to prevent it? You are in the right place. Tooth decay is a painful yet surprisingly common problem. This blog takes a look at the causes of tooth decay, as well as some tips on how to prevent it. What Causes Tooth Decay? Poor dental hygiene Another factor is poor dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth and flossing regularly can help reduce your risk of developing cavities or other dental issues.

23 January 2023

Dental Extractions: Your Questions Answered

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Dental extractions are a common procedure that many people undergo at some point in their lives. Despite being common, dental extractions can still be a source of anxiety for some people. This blog post answers some frequently asked questions about dental extractions to help put your mind at ease. What is a dental extraction? A dental extraction is a procedure in which a tooth is removed from the mouth. The two types of dental extractions are known as simple and surgical.

22 November 2022

What Might Cause Bad Breath in Children?

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You probably think of a baby's breath as being sweet and pleasant. There's even a flower named after it. However, as many parents will discover, when a child gets a little older, their breath may not be so pleasant. You might be a little concerned that your child's breath is comparable to the pungent aroma of an adult's bad breath — which is a bit worrying in someone so young. So what are some of the likely causes of your child's bad breath?

6 October 2022

Chew It Over: How to Temporarily Handle Your Toothache

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Toothache is the kind of pain you can't ignore, and nor should you. Any kind of dental pain can be a sign of a serious problem, even if it's only brief or temporary, so you should consider visiting a dentist for a check-up no matter what kind of mouth pain you're in. However, a toothache can also be difficult to soothe on your own. If you're struggling to hold it at bay while you're waiting for your dental appointment, here are some tips for managing the pain.

28 July 2022

Why Haven’t You Visited the Dentist Recently?

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Do you try to visit your dentist regularly? Do you encourage your children and other family members to maintain a good oral care regime? In the day-to-day busyness of life, it is easy for oral care to be neglected when there always seems to be something more urgent to occupy your time. If your teeth aren't receiving the care they need, a visit to your local family dentist can identify any potential problems and put your oral health regime back on track.

1 June 2022

Creative Ways to Make Your Child's Visit to a Dentist Exciting

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A visit to a dentist is not everyone's cup of tea, particularly children, making dental anxiety a common problem. Therefore, if you notice that your child loathes a trip to the 'teeth doctor,' they are not alone. Nonetheless, parents need to take matters into their hands to ensure their children overcome dental anxiety. One way to achieve the objective is by making visits to a dentist as enjoyable and exciting as possible.

28 April 2022

Here's What Smoking Can Do to Your New Dentures

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It's all too easy to make mistakes with your new dentures. Some of these mistakes are pure accidents, such as dropping your dentures onto the floor while you're cleaning them. Others are bad choices, or even miscalculations, like attempting to eat something that is too chewy and may pull your dentures out of position. Call it a miscalculation if you like, but smoking while wearing dentures is more like a bad choice.

25 February 2022

A Few Dental Professionals You Might Encounter During Your Dental Appointment

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If you have an upcoming dental appointment, you might be curious about the staff members you will encounter during your appointment. If you have chosen the right dental office, then you should be able to count on all of the staff members to be professional and helpful. These are some of the professionals that you will probably encounter during your upcoming appointment. Office Staff The first people who you will probably interact with at your dental appointment are the office staff members.

12 January 2022

Using a Toothbrush: Your Questions Answered

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Knowing about toothbrushes can be very important when it comes to preventing plaque buildup and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. This article answers some questions you may have about using a toothbrush. Read on to discover more! How often should you change your toothbrush? How often you need to replace your toothbrush will depend on the type of toothbrush and how old it is. Advice from the Australian Dental Association suggests that you should consider replacing your toothbrush every 3 months.

22 November 2021

Three Reasons Your Orthodontist Does Not Want You To Use Activated Charcoal While Wearing Braces

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Brace wearers have a lot to learn when they enter the world of orthodontics. Once an orthodontist fits the braces, the braces remain on the teeth for up to three years. The length of time for wearing braces depends on how many dental issues require attention. Your orthodontist provides a list of tips that enhance the effectiveness of the braces. The types of food eaten, beverages drunk, and toothpaste used all impact the braces' performance.

27 September 2021