7 Foods that Actually Help You to Get a Whiter Smile

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You're considering a visit to your dentist to get your teeth whitened. Why not consider some dietary changes that will help you to prepare for your visit and make sure that your freshly whitened teeth remain this way for much longer? Certain foods are known to be beneficial in helping to not only keep your mouth healthy, but to give you that bright, sparkling smile.

Sesame Seeds

In addition to being very high in calcium, which is known to help preserve bones, gums and teeth, sesame seeds are also very chewy. It's this chewing action that helps to get rid of plaque that builds up on your teeth. Sesame seeds are particularly tasty when sprinkled on top of salads, vegetables or your morning breakfast.

Cheddar Cheese

Cheese is full of beneficial calcium and phosphate, which scientists have proven to be great for your oral health. Cheese also helps you to deal with the acidity in your mouth by maintaining a better pH balance and controlling the number of bacteria that cause cavities. As you chew cheese it helps stimulate saliva, that can in turn also help to stave off the bacteria that causes disease.

Green Tea

Your mouth is full of all kinds of bacteria, working away to convert sugar into plaque. Green tea has a substance called catechin within that targets this bacteria. When you reach for the teapot next, make sure you go green.


If you are not getting enough vitamin C, the collagen within your gums can break down leading to an increase in bacteria and tooth decay. The kiwi has more vitamin C than any other fruit. Try substituting this for any added sugar on your morning oatmeal.


Onions are know for their ability to fight free radicals in the body, as they contain powerful antibacterial compounds. Eat them raw or sprinkle on top of your salad each day.

Shiitake Mushrooms

These are delicious when added to stir-fries or soups. You could choose either fresh or dried mushrooms and take advantage of a natural sugar within called lentinan. This fights off the bacteria that promotes the formulation of plaque.


Celery is also naturally abrasive. So, as you chew away you are massaging your gums and cleaning your teeth at the same time, while the saliva generated by the chewing action goes to work to help neutralise harmful bacteria.

For more ideas of tooth-friendly foods to encouragement in your diet, talk to local tooth whitening clinics such as Divine Dental.


21 January 2015

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Miranda Raff here. My brother is a stressed-out dental student, so I'm starting this blog on his behalf. I work in a travel agency and my brother is mortified by the number of dental tourism stories I bring home. I book short holidays for people who seem as though they are going to enjoy some relaxation in an exotic country, only to learn that they plan to have cheap dental procedures. Whilst there are good dentists in developing countries, according to my brother, the complex procedures these people plan to have simply can't be finished in such a limited time. This blog is an attempt to inform you about the high skill levels and advanced technology found in Australian dental surgeries. New techniques are being developed every year and Australian dentists are at the forefront of offering these solutions. I really hope this blog helps you to appreciate our dentists.