Causes Of Dental Bridge Failure And Their Remedies

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A large number of people with missing teeth prefer to settle for dental bridges instead of implants for tooth replacement. For many of these people, the fact that installation of dental bridges does not involve any form of surgery is among the most significant factors that contribute to this preference. Like all other prosthetic dental devices, dental bridges are bound to suffer damage after extended use. This creates the need to have the bridges repaired or replaced (depending on the extent of damage).

30 December 2015

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Hygiene and Care

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It's not unusual for adults to neglect their oral hygiene, as they may be too tired at night to brush their teeth or to do it properly and thoroughly or may think they're too busy during the day to do the same. It's never good to neglect your oral hygiene, as doing so can lead to tooth decay and even eventual tooth loss, and seeing a dentist regularly should be part of that routine.

11 December 2015

5 Reasons Why Dental Implants May Be Necessary For You

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Dental implants are a permanent way of affixing teeth onto the gums. They are a better solution compared to removable dentures as you can clean and maintain them just as though they were your natural teeth. Overall, there are a number of causes that can lead you to consider the installation of dental implants: Teeth loss due to injury In accident cases where a tooth has been lost without the hope of replacing it back to its socket, a dental implant is a good replacement option.

23 November 2015

Ways to market your private dental clinic to attract more patients

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Private dental clinics, such as Melbourne Dental Clinic, are establishments that are there as compliments to the corporate dental industry to provide specialised service for clients that have special needs or just prefer a smaller setting when getting their dental needs looked after. Many owners of private dental clinics struggle to reach out to these potential customers, simply because the customers don't know they exist. Marketing your private dental clinic doesn't have to be very hard or time consuming, but it can largely increase the flow of customers to your business, as well as getting you recognition on the market.

30 October 2015

Improve Your Confidence With A Smile Makeover

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Like many Australians, you may feel self-conscious about smiling because your teeth embarrass you. This self-consciousness can result in a feeling of low self-esteem and can mean that you're uncomfortable in social situations or when having your photograph taken. The good news is that many dentists now offer what is called a smile makeover. This involves a series of cosmetic dentistry procedures that will enhance the appearance of your smile. Here are some of the different procedures that you might like to consider.

6 October 2015

How dental treatments could stop your migraines

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Migraines can be a debilitating health condition, and the pain can be so extreme that it can be impossible to carry on with daily tasks when a migraine strikes. What makes the issue so much worse is that the exact cause of migraines for the 12-15% of the Australian population who suffer from migraines has not been pinpointed. Individuals experience different migraine triggers that can include hormonal changes, differences in sleep/wake patterns, changes in diet, intake of certain food additives, and use of particular medicines.

10 September 2015

Understanding the Impact of Type 2 Diabetes on Your Dental Health

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Type 2 diabetes can leave you at an increased risk of developing some dental health problems as the condition impairs your white blood cells, which would normally defend your mouth against many of the harmful effects of bacteria. Understanding how diabetes can impact on your oral health will allow you to look out for specific problems when cleaning your teeth, and seeking early treatment can prevent the need for antibiotics and reduce the risk of tooth loss.

13 August 2015

Gingivitis Precedes Periodontitis

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When it comes to oral healthcare, you not only must be concerned about your teeth, but also about your gums. Bacteria has a clear path into your body through the mouth. This is where bacteria collects and can wreak havoc on your gums. Periodontitis is another name for gum disease and it is often preceded by gingivitis. This means that correcting gingivitis in a timely manner can keep you from experiencing gum disease:

21 July 2015

Problems arising from dental implants

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During the course of your lifetime, the health of your teeth may come into question. If things become serious, you may need large scale dental surgery to remedy the problem. Dental implants can be one of those remedies. However, you should be aware and prepare for any potential problems arising from the procedure. Outlined below are potential concerns to consider before, during, and after dental implant treatment: During surgery Dental implants are most commonly used in conjunction with prosthetic teeth.

19 June 2015

The Road to the Perfect Smile: The Attachment, Removal and Role & Impact of Invisalign

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The straightness of your smile may determine how happy and successful you are in life. Studies have shown that those with straight teeth are perceived to be 45% more likely to get a job and 58% more successful and wealthy than those with crooked teeth. The road to the perfect smile can be "invisible" with Invisalign, which costs on average $6,000 to $9,000 in Australia. Some orthodontists may recommend including attachments to your treatment plan.

19 May 2015