The Road to the Perfect Smile: The Attachment, Removal and Role & Impact of Invisalign

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The straightness of your smile may determine how happy and successful you are in life. Studies have shown that those with straight teeth are perceived to be 45% more likely to get a job and 58% more successful and wealthy than those with crooked teeth. The road to the perfect smile can be "invisible" with Invisalign, which costs on average $6,000 to $9,000 in Australia. Some orthodontists may recommend including attachments to your treatment plan.

An Overview of Invisalign Attachments

Invisalign attachments are small tooth-coloured dental bonding that attaches the Invisalign braces to teeth surfaces. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit your mouth.

The visibility of the Invisalign attachments is dependent on the location of which the attachments are placed and whether the colour of the dental bonding matches your natural tooth colour. Although the attachments make the braces a bit more visible, most orthodontists still recommend this treatment plan, as the visibility of the attachments is still less visible than other conventional alternatives, such as metal braces.

The attachments are typically applied to the surfaces of the specific teeth that need them before the Invisalign braces are placed overtop. The dental bonding will remain on your teeth even when you remove the Invisalign braces to clean your teeth or to eat.

The Roles and Responsibilities of the Attachments

Not all situations and circumstances require Invisalign attachments to be included in the treatment plan. Your orthodontist will need to examine the structure of your jaw and the position of your teeth in order to determine whether including attachments may prove to be beneficial. Some teeth movements require Invisalign attachments to speed up the process. For example:

  • The shape and characteristic of the tooth may be difficult for the Invisalign braces to apply the pressure needed to alter its position.
  • The movement required may be quite challenging. For example, a certain tooth may need to be rotated back into place.

The attachments push and align the teeth back into their designated position with ease, so that the Invisalign treatment plan can proceed according to the scheduled timeline.

The Removal of the Attachments

Once you have achieved the perfect smile after alignment therapy, the dental bonding will need to be professionally removed with a polishing tool. The Invisalign attachments should come right off, and there will be no damage to your teeth.

Although including Invisalign attachments to your dental treatment plan may not be ideal due to their slight visibility, they are a crucial tool that can help make aligning and straightening your teeth become a much smoother process. Learn more about your options and start the journey to your perfect smile by contacting resources like Dr Peter Vaughan Specialist Orthodontist.


19 May 2015

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Miranda Raff here. My brother is a stressed-out dental student, so I'm starting this blog on his behalf. I work in a travel agency and my brother is mortified by the number of dental tourism stories I bring home. I book short holidays for people who seem as though they are going to enjoy some relaxation in an exotic country, only to learn that they plan to have cheap dental procedures. Whilst there are good dentists in developing countries, according to my brother, the complex procedures these people plan to have simply can't be finished in such a limited time. This blog is an attempt to inform you about the high skill levels and advanced technology found in Australian dental surgeries. New techniques are being developed every year and Australian dentists are at the forefront of offering these solutions. I really hope this blog helps you to appreciate our dentists.