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Denture adhesives refer to a number of cream or powder products that are used to offer additional support for dentures, thereby helping to hold them in place. The use of denture adhesives is often not necessary for a large number of patients. However, many patients opt for the use of denture adhesives to enhance the comfort of having dentures in the mouth at all times.

Discussed herein are three common questions that dental patients often have about the use of dental adhesives on dentures.

Does The Need For Dental Adhesives Indicate An Ill-Fit?

There is a common misconception that the need to use dental adhesives is only meant for patients with ill-fitting dentures. This misconception is fueled by the fact that a large number of patients with perfectly-fitting dentures are able to use dentures effectively without the need for adhesives.

It's true that the application of dental adhesives is often used as a corrective measure when a patient's dentures are not a perfect fit. However, the need to use adhesives should not always be interpreted as a sign of ill-fitting dentures.

For example, adhesives are often used to cover the space left by a damaged denture that is yet to be replaced.

Why Are Zinc-Based Denture Adhesives Frowned Upon?

A large number of denture adhesives contain significant quantities of synthetic zinc. The presence of synthetic zinc in these adhesives is responsible for their superior ability to stick to dentures. However, synthetic zinc is different from the edible zinc used in dietary supplements, and it is known to be a health hazard.

Because patients use denture adhesives daily, there is the risk that synthetic zinc compounds from the adhesive may be absorbed into the patient's bloodstream. This is known to increase the concentration of zinc in the patient's blood, thereby reducing the concentration of iron and copper (among other important minerals) in the blood. Deficiency of any of these minerals is a recipe for disaster.

This is why affected patients are advised to opt for zinc-free denture adhesives should there be need for adhesive use.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Using Denture Adhesives?

There are a number of possible side effects associated with the use of denture adhesives. For example, patients may have allergic reactions with certain components of the adhesive material. Affected patients should stop using the adhesive material immediately. The use of adhesives should only be continued under the instructions of a qualified dental health practitioner.

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21 January 2016

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