Braces with Dentures: Is it Possible for You to Continue to Wear Your Denture While in Braces?

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When you are missing one or more teeth, a partial denture is a simple way of avoiding the social stigma that comes from having obvious missing teeth. However, if your remaining natural teeth are crooked, a partial denture may not be enough. You may still be dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile. Fortunately, orthodontics has come a long way and there are now various ways of straightening teeth.

As a result, false teeth sometimes can become part of orthodontic treatment either as part of a partial denture or not. However, combining the two treatments does require you and your dentist to be clear about exactly what it is you are attempting to ultimately achieve.

Consider Your Outcome Post-Braces

If you are only missing one or two teeth, you should get clear on exactly what you hope to achieve by wearing your partial with braces. Bear in mind that the jawbone in the areas of missing teeth is re-absorbed by the body over time. This means that even if you are still able to wear your partial during orthodontic treatment, the bone in those areas will continue to deteriorate.

So although your remaining teeth will be straighter and more attractive, in the areas where teeth are missing, wrinkles may form on your face as the bone there deteriorates. Essentially, one aspect is improved, one worsened. Consider having dental implants placed before starting orthodontic treatment. This will conserve bone and allow your orthodontist to use the implants as anchors when straightening your other teeth.

You Can Wear Your Partial

Every situation is unique, so if your particular situation requires that you wear your partial, for cosmetic and financial reasons, you may be able to do so. Though it does provide a greater challenge for your orthodontist, with proper planning the surrounding teeth can be moved while you wear your partial denture.

However, your partial may eventually cease to fit if the geography of the surrounding area changes too much. This may mean you will need a new partial either at a certain--and planned--stage of your treatment or after treatment.

Some Orthodontists Will Affix a False Tooth to Braces

If you are missing a single tooth and are concerned with your appearance during orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist can attach a false tooth to your brace. While this doesn't provide a permanent solution to the bone loss or spacing issue in the area, it will give you more confidence to smile while in braces.

Planning is crucial in orthodontics. Orthodontists need to be flexible to approach the many unique cases that show up at their clinics. Therefore, if you want to wear your partial during your treatment, make sure you bring it up with your orthodontist as early as possible. 


24 August 2017

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