Two Ways That a Dentist Can Improve the Appearance of Your Smile

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There are lots of things that a dentist can to do improve the appearance of your smile. Read on to find out more.

They can disguise chipped teeth with veneers

If you know of a dentist in your local area that specialises in cosmetic dentistry, it may be worth asking them if they can place a veneer over your chipped tooth. A veneer is a very thin tooth cover, which is normally made from one of two materials—composite resin or porcelain. It sits on top of your real tooth and essentially serves as a mask, which disguises any flaws (in this case, your chipped tooth).

Whilst having a veneer fitted can be somewhat costly, it is a worthwhile investment if your chipped tooth is having a significant impact on your confidence levels, as it will completely disguise your damaged tooth for many years (most veneers have a lifespan of ten years, if not longer in some cases)  

It's important to note that if you have a veneer fitted, you will never be able to leave your real tooth uncovered again; the reason for this is that in order to fit the veneer, your dentist will have to remove some enamel so that the veneer will align perfectly with the teeth on either side when it is placed on top of the tooth.

The enamel protects the sensitive components of the tooth (specifically, the dentin and the pulp) from damage caused by bacterial plaque and by chewing hard foods; as such, if you choose not to replace your veneer when it reaches the end of its lifespan, your real tooth could end up sustaining serious damage.

They can fit braces to straighten your teeth

Few dental treatments have the same kind of dramatic impact on a person's teeth as braces can. Braces use pressure to gently and gradually push any overlapping or crooked teeth into their correct positions.

If you have misaligned teeth but are hesitant to undergo this treatment because you're worried about the impact this dental device will have on your smile (due to both their reflectivity and dark colour, traditional metal braces tend to be very noticeable), you might want to consider having Invisalign braces fitted instead.

Invisalign braces are both transparent and matte and, as such, are barely noticeable; only those who closely examine your teeth will be able to detect the presence of this dental device. These braces are just as effective as their traditional metal counterparts and are far less likely to make you feel self-conscious about your appearance when you are wearing them.


12 April 2018

Travel With An Australian Dentist:  The Best In The World

Miranda Raff here. My brother is a stressed-out dental student, so I'm starting this blog on his behalf. I work in a travel agency and my brother is mortified by the number of dental tourism stories I bring home. I book short holidays for people who seem as though they are going to enjoy some relaxation in an exotic country, only to learn that they plan to have cheap dental procedures. Whilst there are good dentists in developing countries, according to my brother, the complex procedures these people plan to have simply can't be finished in such a limited time. This blog is an attempt to inform you about the high skill levels and advanced technology found in Australian dental surgeries. New techniques are being developed every year and Australian dentists are at the forefront of offering these solutions. I really hope this blog helps you to appreciate our dentists.