Three Reasons Your Orthodontist Does Not Want You To Use Activated Charcoal While Wearing Braces

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Brace wearers have a lot to learn when they enter the world of orthodontics. Once an orthodontist fits the braces, the braces remain on the teeth for up to three years. The length of time for wearing braces depends on how many dental issues require attention. Your orthodontist provides a list of tips that enhance the effectiveness of the braces. The types of food eaten, beverages drunk, and toothpaste used all impact the braces' performance. Before picking up a toothpaste containing activated charcoal to brighten your teeth, here are three reasons why you must hold off using this toothpaste choice until after the braces' removal.

Mismatched Enamel Colour

Charcoal toothpaste works by lifting and absorbing stains from your teeth. This cleaning action makes the enamel whiter and is an alternative to tooth whitening using peroxide. The main issue here is that the toothpaste cannot get beneath the braces affixed to the teeth. As a result, after removing the braces at the end of the treatment time, there is mismatched enamel colour, with parts of each tooth brighter than the rest. Therefore, tooth whitening using charcoal toothpaste must wait until the braces are gone and all enamel is exposed.

No Fluoride In Charcoal Toothpaste

As a general rule, the majority of charcoal toothpaste does not contain fluoride. However, fluoride is required to keep tooth enamel strong. When wearing braces, you need to keep your teeth strong and healthy so they can conform to this dental treatment without being damaged. Therefore, never remove fluoride from your daily dental routine without first getting approval from your orthodontist.

Charcoal Mess

Charcoal in activated charcoal toothpaste is messy. It contains a black charcoal powder which is abrasive, and it is likely to get trapped around the braces' components. In addition, this extra abrasion on the tooth enamel gives more places for bacteria to hide and grow into plaque. You do not want additional cavities while wearing braces as this brings more dental chair time. You also do not want to prolong your daily dental routine time removing all traces of charcoal from your braces. Stick to the regular toothpaste prescribed by your orthodontist to avoid charcoal toothpaste messiness.

While charcoal toothpaste is a current trend for tooth whitening, it does not mix well with braces. If you have concerns about tooth whiteness while wearing braces, discuss cleaning options with your orthodontist as they have advice specific to your needs.


27 September 2021

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