A Few Dental Professionals You Might Encounter During Your Dental Appointment

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If you have an upcoming dental appointment, you might be curious about the staff members you will encounter during your appointment. If you have chosen the right dental office, then you should be able to count on all of the staff members to be professional and helpful. These are some of the professionals that you will probably encounter during your upcoming appointment.

Office Staff

The first people who you will probably interact with at your dental appointment are the office staff members. In fact, you have probably already talked to an office staff member when you called and scheduled your appointment. When you arrive, someone who works at the front desk of the dental office might have you fill out paperwork and ask you for your insurance card. This is also the person who will typically handle your payments when you leave your appointment, and they might be the one who will schedule your next appointment.

Dental Assistant

Many dental offices employ dental assistants. In Australia, dental assistants aren't required to have formal education and don't have to be licenced or certified. However, they typically receive a lot of on-the-job training. They assist the other dental care professionals while they're working, such as by preparing the exam room, handing them the instruments that they need, and cleaning instruments and equipment. Some dental assistants do receive proper certifications so they can perform radiography. These dental assistants often help with performing X-rays on patients.

Dental Hygienist

Most dental offices employ dental hygienists, and there is a good chance that the majority of your appointment will be spent with this dental care professional. The dental hygienist will perform regular teeth cleanings and scaling and root planning procedures, which are often needed by those who suffer from gum disease. The dental hygienist may polish your teeth and perform certain simple procedures. They will also talk to you about proper home cleaning and dental care, and they may even counsel you about proper nutrition so you can keep your teeth healthy.


Lastly, of course, you will probably see a dentist during your dental appointment. They will look at your X-rays and talk to you about procedures that you need to have done. They perform tooth extractions, fillings for cavities, root canals, and a variety of other procedures, based on your dental care needs.

As you can see, you will probably encounter a few different dental professionals. Together, they can help ensure that you get the dental care that you need. Contact a local dentistry clinic to learn more.


12 January 2022

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Miranda Raff here. My brother is a stressed-out dental student, so I'm starting this blog on his behalf. I work in a travel agency and my brother is mortified by the number of dental tourism stories I bring home. I book short holidays for people who seem as though they are going to enjoy some relaxation in an exotic country, only to learn that they plan to have cheap dental procedures. Whilst there are good dentists in developing countries, according to my brother, the complex procedures these people plan to have simply can't be finished in such a limited time. This blog is an attempt to inform you about the high skill levels and advanced technology found in Australian dental surgeries. New techniques are being developed every year and Australian dentists are at the forefront of offering these solutions. I really hope this blog helps you to appreciate our dentists.